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The science behind our products

To us it has always been very important to understand the smallest particles which are involved in the process of fermentation to fully unlock the knowledge and understanding behind the magnificent creation of fermentation itself. As we know today, many science-based research has been done studying fermented foods, drinks, supplements and so on..
Right now, what is the most important thing that we follow regarding our own products is the connection between the gut and the brain which has been linked in multiple studies as well as in our own experience in life more strongly than ever before. If you are interested in our own experience, you can find some amazing transformation and findings from the “our story” section.
What truly fascinates me as a researcher and philosopher in life is that whatever we thought of the brain and of the gut, it was very much falsely understood until it became evident that the gut has even more connection to the brain than we would’ve ever thought. This is truly the reason why it’s called the 2nd brain, but I would like to introduce you our way of looking at it.
I will list some amazing processes that happen in the gut, amazing benefits that come from taking care of the gut health by introducing probiotics to one’s diet or lifestyle. I also want to go really deep all the way to the neuroplasticity that has been scientifically proven now and how it’s all connected to our physical, mental and even spiritual well-being.
Most of the serotonin (the very important neurotransmitter in the brain) is created in the digestive tract. Studies say that it would be even 90% of the total serotonin that needs to go into the brain for our brain and the whole body to work correctly. Studies show that altered levels of this peripheral serotonin have been linked to diseases such as ibs (irritable bowel syndrome), cardiovascular disease and even osteoporosis. In fact, serotonin binds to specific receptors within the GI tract to produce a diversity of responses.
There are other very important roles for the brain-gut axis as it’s described in the studies and one of them is the production of the essential vitamin B12. We all have heard of it’s importance to the normal function of the nerve cells and is also needed for the formation of the red blood cells as well as DNA synthesis. When we realize all this, we start to shed a light to the fact that there is an amazing plan behind all of the creation. Almost everything has some sort of lactobacillus on it’s surface and it’s vital for our brain and gut to work properly all the way to the core in our DNA, it’s synthesis. There’s definitely a plan behind it all. Organic compounds working together to thrive in another organic being and in total harmony and I bet, we could see and hear a perfect symphony if we had the eyes to see and ears to hear it all.

Our products are filled with live probiotics and the variation is so big (over 30+ strains) that they will survive through the whole digestive system from the mouth all the way to the large intestine which by the way is the place where they are supposed to be landed. There are reports that some people experience problems with probiotics and the symptoms are usually the same that are supposed to be healed by probiotics such as bloating and gas. See, there is a possibility that, the beneficial good guys, probiotics could end up in the small intestine and stay there. That would most likely be the case if you experience problems with taking probiotics. We believe that taking various strains of all-natural probiotics, that they will work in synergy together to aid the whole body to work better, improve different processes and responses in the body by giving the right kind of signals and detoxing the whole system.

Let’s touch the subject of large intestine more. The way for the probiotics which eventually and trustfully get to the promised land, is not over for their job. They literally help the body to draw nutrients from the foods we eat and even help to package the waste material for a better exporting from the system. Some may go even as far as saying, “if you need toilet paper, it’s not all going well in the gut and the balance is off at least a bit”.

I must say that I’m not ashamed of talking about this topic since it’s one of the most important topics of ones life when the processes doesn’t work as they are supposed to work. We tend to neglect things before we get problems and then we tend to hide them rather than studying and getting to know the real truth behind it all and we all know what truth does to a humble person, the truth shall set you free. There’s only one way and it’s towards the light!

So to conclude this matter, I’ve had days when this has literally been the case and it has definitely set the tone on how well the temple is operating. When you got a face like the sun after 10 sec. toilet visit and the guy next door in the restaurant is still there when you have paid your bill, you know things are in check in the right places.

After all, we are living in this temple our Whole Life, I think it should be more than important to realize that it also affects our way of digesting everything else in our life let’s say also psychological things which end up being very material especially when it comes to understanding the mechanics of thoughts, thought life and actions we take in the mind.
So, to stamp a big mark on the question of how far will the probiotics go when talking about brain health and overall well-being of a person? That’s one thing you can also read from the “our story”, but to share some intriguing facts about the brain and it’s neuroplasticity we simply state. The less inflammation in the gut, the less inflammation in the brain. This eventually leads in better neuroplasticity in general. See, our approach has always been and always will be the case of helping the body to work as it was designed to work. We don’t glorify probiotics or fermented foods as they would be the medicine itself or something to be adored over The Creator. But, they are more like very powerful tools to help our body, and in most cases, our sick or toxic bodies, to recover back to the environment in which the body can utilize it’s own systems for detoxification, re-establishing new pathways in multiple ways, giving more energy from trying to fight off toxic outside environment to processes that are important for the body to thrive and rejuvenate itself in the beauty of how it was meant in the first place.
There is some serious questions left to answer after all. How do we survive in a toxic world where the attack to the mind and the body is constant from outside environments? How do we help our mind and body to cope with the material and immaterial stress it all imposes to our being? It all has to do with the simplest answers, or that’s at least what we think of. We need to strengthen our body to be able to fight, guard and protect itself by integrating the most efficient ways possible by recognizing there are certain avenues by which the threats are trying to come in. This is where our products step in the picture. We have thought of it all, and will still continue to improve all of the products to have their optimal performance and to deliver the power they have to improve human performance and health in all aspects of life.

After all, it’s not anymore the case of “we are what we eat” but rather “we are what we digest”.
On the way, what we eat has a very important role, but it’s just half of the coin and as we know, there’s always two sides to the coin. The digestion part has even more important role since it dictates pretty much the outcome and can work on our behalf even if the nutrition part isn’t always right on point and in it’s optimal level.

Until then.. happy digesting and remember one thing. Our bodies are intelligent enough to give us the information we need to understand what’s inside of it and how well it’s operating. The same goes with the life and it’s essence.

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Always learning and growing from within to sharpen the truth in which we are all called to.

“Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23