Studies and Laboratory Tests

Notes from The Kefir Lab

The products are always without any exception run through a laboratory studies (accredited laboratory tests) to test the quality of the product's nutritional values, safety tests and probiotic content of fresh 0 to 2 days from bottling and storing the actual product. The products are also tested on the 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 week periods. This is how I know what happens to the probiotics after a certain period of time and this way I know what I'm actually and truly talking about. Do you know any company that gives you their studies and if they give them, do they run them completely week after week?
This is very important since many products claim to have probiotic potency yet there are no proof in their documentation how they did those tests OR they do give the test results for the first day or the first week. This is why I believe people have been mislead strongly to believe that there are healthy drinks in the warm section in a plastic bottles which claim to be probiotic in nature. Our studies show that even in cold storage the probiotic count WILL DECREASE because they are living organisms and they need to be fed to stay alive and active.
This is no rocket-science but more like common sense if you think it through. I don't claim any fancy titles, just pure science because I market and sell what I use myself. This is one of my core values in everything, practicing what I'm preaching. I couldn't look into my customers and/or nutrition specialization clients in the eye while marketing scam or false claims in my own products. I'm not in this for the money, if I was I would have stopped years ago and would've never set-up a business. I'm here to reach out and share my passion, my healing experience from sickness to a thriving conquerer in my own body. This is my passion and love to be that science-based company to treat everybody with the deepest respect and deliver the most up-to-date information about true science and my very own products with an amazing quality and effect for helping to get better health and wellness.
This is why my products are always available no more than 8 weeks from the manufacturing date whether they are in the store cold shelf or at The Kefir Guy Lab ready to be picked up for anyone who wants to step up their game and rise to the next level on health and wellness using bio-optimized and functional food products for their well-being. This way I can ensure that there's still enough natural, live and active probiotics to give you the help and the strength you are looking for from these products.
These products contain much more micronutrients than just probiotics, but since those are the so-called most looked for in health and wellness products these days, I want to be totally transparent on them and at the same time expose the misleading marketing that is running rampart in all areas in the health industry. People need to have clean, pure, real, scientifically proven and actually working products in the stores rather than bad duplicates that are just money making machines for those who are in for the bling. Now that I've cleared some air and given you not a sugar-coated truth but the real truth, let me give you some important quality information about my products.
I recommend drinking this nature’s powerful probiotic, enzyme filled and beneficial acids containing antioxidant super-drink daily. You won’t need much (only 100ml to 200ml Water Energy Kefir™ or Milk Power Kefir™ will be enough for strengthening probiotic activity in the whole body) but there’s a good chance you will fall in love with the product you are using simply because of the quality and taste which is purely and directly from the nature itself. These kefir products are produced using only non-reactive materials, organic and sustainable compounds such as organic water kefir mushroom (scoby), organic milk kefir mushroom (scoby), organic grass-fed dairy milk or organic vegan plant-based milks like coconut or buckwheat, organic whole sugars like indian, demerara and others, fruits, wild-harvested berries, roots, herbs, organic and natural sweeteners, and various raw vinegars.
Also, the water that is used in the fermentation of water kefir products is top quality which is put through a medical grade filtration system making sure it’s truly clean and pure and that there are literally no harmful substances in the fermentation process. This means the water is purified 99,9% of all the harmful rust, bacteria, coliform bacilli, microorganisms and microscopic impurities such as plastics, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, odors and colors. The filtration will leave all the minerals that are essential to the human body such as calcium and magnesium in the water. After the filtration process it goes even further with a 2nd filtration and during this process the water goes through another granular components to finish off with the possibly remaining impurities plus we introduce restructuring into the water structure making the water so called soft and alive.
This is called alkaline and antioxidant water which is almost the same as fresh spring water that whirls and turns in it's natural curves promoting antioxidant activity with natural vibrations. This will ensure that the water that is used has the potency of -200 on the scale of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which ensures the optimal permeability of the organic compounds to interact with each other in a microscopic and cellular level in the whole process.
This equals an antioxidant value of the most potent green vegetables and even green tea which has been praised for it's powerful antioxidant properties throughout the ages. When you put all compounds together, the antioxidant and the most pure water, alkaline water, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, natural phytochemicals, probiotics and beneficial digestive acids absorbed into the finished Water Energy Kefir™ we find that this product is one of a kind and can promote health, wellness and longevity of everyone by supporting body's own mechanisms and systems to detoxify, repair, rejuvenate and restore by giving long-lasting energy from micronutrients and through microorganisms.
This obviously can support the whole human body system like the brain and the heart, blood circulation, gut-brain axis and connection, muscle and nervous system repair and building, digestive issues by aiding in nutrient assimilation and digestion as well as detoxification through gut balance and cell communication in a positive way.
Wait! There is more and it's amazing. Many studies show that especially MILK KEFIR (not just probiotics, but the whole kefir composition which is far more complicated than just one probiotic bacterial strain what you can find in so called probiotic products) can help the body to fight off pathogens and viruses by promoting healthy immune system response and immunomodulating properties. 

Here are two laboratory tests for the best sellers in my Kefir Guy product family. The respected scientific literature can be found down below if you are looking for the golden nuggets to understand how your body actually works. This wasn’t taught in school and I’m very grateful there are still people who fight for the truth and share their knowledge and wisdom. 🙂

Water Energy Kefir™ Citrus Surge

Milk Power Kefir™ Natural flavor

You can read all the amazing studies about the whole kefir mushroom and the real products called milk kefir and water kefir from down below from their respected categories. I’ll update more information as much as possible. These studies show real and live activity in milk kefir drinks, milk kefir scoby, water kefir drinks and water kefir scoby laboratory testing for composition, quality, health and therapeutic properties as well as microbial diversities, how they interact with each other and more..

The gut, brain, heart and human cells studies:

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Kefir drinks and scoby studies on nutritional profile, metabolism and microbial diversity:

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The microbial diversity of water kefir

Microbial Species Diversity, Community Dynamics, and Metabolite Kinetics of Water Kefir Fermentation

Kefir drinks and scoby microbiological activities, properties and health benefits:

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