Nutrition Specialization

The Kefir Guy offers a special service for those who want to optimize their well-being through proper nutrition and fitness regimen. This part is for the nutrition regimen and it’s called Nutrition Specialization.

It includes your own personal and authentic experience through proper understanding of nutrition, nutrients and their purpose so that you can manage your own nutritional problems and turn them into your strengths. Learn what are micronutrients, macronutrients, the microbiome and their designed plan in our health and wellness. We also go over many of the ancient superfoods that aid your body’s natural ability to support your health and recovery in the most optimal way possible.

This coaching also includes the wisdom, understanding, right knowledge, tips and tricks to boost your health and longevity with age old techniques and proper ways to tackle your everyday challenges with righteous mindset.

I’ve found the principles that I teach by living and experiencing the last 30 years in this toxic world, literally poisoning myself deliberately by ignorance with various substances, bad lifestyle choices and also a very bad mindset toward life to be honest, before I was awaken to the fact that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

We must treat it as a holy place by recognizing the design behind it and understanding the ways to help the body to recover and heal from outside and inside threats so it can prosper and breath in it’s optimal ways possible. This brings it to a whole new level of performance like it was designed to live in.

My clients pay 120€ (incl. 24% VAT) for 90min. session of home visits (in Central-Finland) that includes person to person session. We go through all the necessary steps in a comprehensive way to unlock all the possible road blocks on one’s personal walk at any given moment. It also includes “all you can ask at any time” through proper communication channels like signal or whatsapp text/call, e-mail, phone call (international calls in english and only finnish calls free of charge).

You may also use Facebook message/call, Google message/call, Instagram or any other social media platforms for communication, if you prefer those instead of direct messaging app.

The first session is always offered with 20% discount!

Grab now your first session with this offer for a price of 96€ (incl. tax 24%) using code “NUTRITION20”.