The Kefir Guy opens up! I’ve always been very interested in the tiniest particles of all things that which I’m studying at the moment. It has never satisfied me enough to understand just the surface but rather go in-depth to see the true meaning of what I’m searching and studying for whether it’s about human physiology, movement, the life of cellular functions and/or micro-organisms that inhabit the whole body from outside and within the very core of our being. We wouldn’t be here without the unseen world of microscopic organisms that the world is trying to disinfect, kill, eradicate and wipe with it’s man-made science that wants to exalt only the created that which is under the heaven. The truth couldn’t be much further from the fact that we have lost our ability to see the beauty that is in God’s created nature and the plan behind it all. There are so many answers right in front of our eyes yet we as human beings try to understand the creation with our limited capacity to observe and acknowledge that there is a living spirit that runs through and in the whole creation. This place was not a mistake, a luck or a chance of a million of how do they say in the evolutionary crowd – by billions and billions etc. years. It’s sad that in this world, you need a doctoral degree to proclaim this false doctrine of evolution when it’s more than evident and doesn’t require any degree of studying of science but an open heart and your eyes of the heart to see the simplicity in nature, how complicated one human cell or even a grain of rice is when looking through a microscope or other scientific instruments.

To say “God doesn’t fit in the picture”, to close the laboratory door and think God doesn’t see inside, is like looking at your own image in the mirror and seeing what’s in front of your eyes, then turning away and forgetting what you just saw. Like Discovery Channel once said “ignorance is a bliss!” and that has truly become the main narrative when talking about true God’s made science here on earth. Our bodies are of it and they become it after the body dies, but there’s something eternal inside this vessel and that’s you who are loved, cared for, highly sought for and redeemed, if you accept the offer from The Most High. In the mean while, you can learn how He made you as a part of this creation in perfect unity with the nature, living from the nature and of the nature. We must learn to go back to basics and harness the power of the nature as God intended it in the first place. After all, there’s one chance before the selected ones will inherit the eternal kingdom. What you do here is continued in the new world so open up your heart and mind and start exploring His divine intellectual and understanding to have the revelation of Christ Jesus in your life, for your life – for His glory!

“For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life”.

Psalm 56:13

Let’s dive inside in the process of fermentation which is still not very well known to science except that we understand there are at least two categories of fermentations in the nature. First one being a good one and the second being a bad one which our science is trying to eliminate with all these toxic chemicals known as preservatives. Some of them cause little or almost no harm when used moderately but the problem here is that when food manufacturers start to use these preservatives in all of their products and when people tend to by only those products, the preservatives pile up and end up in human digestive system in larger quantities.

A quick health fact check: There has never been any study to show these preservatives are safe to use for months, years or even in larger quantities for a longer period of time!

This is when the problems start in the first place. Something we thought would help us to preserve food (you can also read, make more money to big food producers) has actually been killing our gut microbiome environment for the last 100 years or so. This is what you don’t want and believe me or not, it’s cheaper to make your own food, buy real organic products, let nature work with you with enzymes, probiotics and beneficial yeasts compared to having symptoms from irritation, inflammation and infection through toxic chemicals inside your body. This requires a protocol to start rejuvenating your body or even start the healing process because you’ve inflamed your inner organs so badly that you end up with something called auto-immune disease or even cancer. All this because of very cheap synthetic chemicals made in a laboratory that never were intended for your body in the first place.

Back to the core: A good fermentation. You can have beneficial microorganisms fermenting any macronutrient into smaller particles thus giving them an enhanced flavour, aroma, medicinal and therapeutic properties and what’s the hottest topic in today’s world is to have the finished product brimming with live beneficial bacteria. This science is called Zymology and in foodstuff or beverage production it’s becoming more and more recognized to have this type of food products available. Are they all still the same if they are called fermented? I’ve noticed a spike of false advertising and producing in this field as well and to customers who need good and trusted information, this is not good marketing because it promotes wrong kind of behaviour through many types of avenues. We must learn to speak the truth! How did it start in the first place? Well, first it’s the pills and capsules that were synthetic after the science community found that some bacteria actually have beneficial properties. Of course this need to be harnessed to make money but at what cost? When the nature has it’s answer, it’s obvious that this market is infiltrated with these money-greedy producers to claim anything they want on the label yet it’s far from the real product. This goes with today’s hottest drinks like kombucha, kefirs and little do people know that they’ve been lied for tens of years about their “healthy yogurts” in the store-shelf. Everyone who has made real homemade yogurt, kefir or anything else from the original grain called mother culture, knows that those store-shelf “shelf-stable” products are nothing but hoaxes.

There’s a small test you can take and see it for yourself! Maybe I even post a video about it to show how real, live and active fermentation works from the start of fermentation to the finish and what happens to the end product both visually and physically (texture-wise). Before that happens, you can go to your local store and buy a few different types of yogurts or other fermented products. Put them in a glass and leave them on the table in room temperature with fresh strawberries or any other sweet berries chopped in small pieces. Wait for 24 to 48 hours and you should actually see if those yogurts contain any amount of probiotics like they claim on the label or their company website. I’ve done this myself here in Finland and I bet it’s the same anywhere in the whole world. Just stale inactive yogurt that never changes it’s texture, colour, aroma or anything else. This means there’s actually no life in that product. You are wasting your money if you think you get probiotic benefits from the product. If you find a product that will start to ferment with bubbling effects and at the end of the fermentation the milk will start to curdle and separate the whey and the curds, you’ll know that product is truly probiotic. 🙂

There’s also another type of fermentation which we don’t want to have and it’s called spoiling. This happens when not beneficial bacteria start to break down nutrients for their food. There are various bad chemicals formed during this process and they are spilled over from this process to the food and this spoils the food thus making it even poisonous in some cases. This is when food poisoning happens. The beauty of beneficial microorganisms is that they prevent this spoiling from happening. Yes, you heard me right. You can actually ferment with the good type of fermentation foodstuff and beverages and make them preserved naturally. This is how The Kefir Guy products are produced and in these products I never use any chemicals that are synthetic. Also, I have never seen spoiled milk kefir even after a day or two of warm storage of dairy-based products. The regulations are very strict on preserving and storing and there’s a reason for this. Of course the products are meant to be stored in cold just like milk to maintain the consistency and quality of the product as long as possible but here’s the thing. Sometimes I keep my own milk kefir bottle even 12h in my backpack when going around during the day and evening from customer to customer and from business to business. At the end of the day, my glass bottle is almost like creamy milk even though it’s warm and has been in my backpack for 12h or more sometimes. Also, something I even forget the whole bottle in my backpack over the night and it’s still good for drinking, hmm.. I wonder why? 🙂 The flavour, aroma, texture and mouth-feel is sometimes something I’ve even waited for the whole day and you can’t tap into that level without waiting for the nature to do it’s job, naturally. That’s God’s gift to those who are willing to wait and trust the Lord who has made all those flavours for us to enjoy and to be filled with all those micronutrients in that fermentation which by the way get even stronger the longer that fermentation occurs. Everyone can find their own flavour they like the best and stick to that fermentation level as they wish. There are endless possibilities and varieties when talking about fermentation, it’s powerful benefits and therapeutic properties and of course the flavours etc.

We know and understand the molecular activities to some degree and can even replicate these in the lab. We have even succeeded in making synthetic yeasts (even though nature offers the best solution and material for this already) and even probiotics in a capsule or a pill. This has never triggered me in a positive way but actually has given me much head-ache that these synthetic alternatives are sold by million and even billions of batches each year to consumers who gladly give their money to the big corporations for alleged health effects. Surely you can have all kinds of effects from different molecules and chemical compounds but I’m after the real thing. That deep and ever-living natural, God’s created, medicine chest-box that offers all that you need in the perfect form and balance from the same biological system as the human body. They thrive in the same ecological system and thus they are the best option available any day. Even to this day, man-kind hasn’t been able to replicate the real kefir grains or even a grain of rice yet we pay billions to the big corporations for the scientific research and development and let them gladly show us what they’ve come up in their labs for “your health and longevity”. Of course that doesn’t come for free, not for your pocket and not for your health, if you wanna be precise.

To fully unlock the knowledge and understand the magnificent creation around us, we need first to realize that God has made all things good. It was none other than man who wanted more power and knowledge for the wrong reasons why things have gone the way they have gone in this tiny little home we call Earth. As we know today, many science-based research has been done studying fermented foods, drinks, supplements and so on. Right now, what is the most important thing that we follow regarding health is the connection between the gut and the brain which has been linked in multiple studies more strongly than ever before as well as in my own experience in my own personal transformation.

The fact is that the gut has more power over our health and this has been one of the top discussions around the world in the 21st century and it’s increasing every year when new studies come out. We’ve realized that the gut plays even bigger role in human health than just everyone’s not so interested area of digestion and nutrient absorption. The science has found that the food we eat is not just macros and micros for our body which is biological system, but rather information and coding to how the biological system should operate. There’re switches that should be turned on and off in a balanced manner and through these so called gene-expression modulations many of human body’s systems are supposed to be supported, balanced and recovered in the right manner. This is true, the food we eat communicates with our cells and microbes and that literally affects our body’s ability to switch on our innate immune system, digestion, detoxification, metabolism and other important factors. This is the world of microbes, enzymes and all microorganisms that dictate the result from the macro world we introduce to our bodies. You get the micros right and you have a reserve in your bank account to be able to survive those needs on the macro levels.

This is, to me, an amazing field and it makes me hopeful for tomorrow because we are not what our genes are and more importantly we can actually switch and change our genes. We are not chained (doomed) for having some kind of gene and/or expression in the body for the rest of the life. It goes even further, we are not what the environment does to us. This is where my own story comes into play. My own transformation from the person I was formed before because of my surroundings, events and genes into a thriving and strong man who found his purpose in him, for the glory of the Creator. Now, that’s another story and you can read about it more in My story section.

A big part of this transformation I’m talking about is my findings on gut-brain axis, kefir and vital nutrients for health, recovery and balance. This is when, by the mercy and grace of God, I found The Kefir Guy Company after I realized that I’ve healed my brain, my gut, my joints, my skin and to some degree my vision. I feel like I’m healing still from many negative side-effects of my past life-style by introducing pure, clean, organic and real ingredients that are filled with life-giving energy from God’s nature. I’m talking about bio-activated minerals, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, (essential) amino-acids, (essential) healthy fats and the whole banquet of amazing nutrients that has been given to us. It’s matter of finding and learning. It’s right there for us all. Healthy life doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be balanced!

Probiotics (mainly called lactic-acid bacteria or LAB) which promote therapeutic (pros) benefits to your gut, brain and body, are essential for human health. There are also many enzymes that are needed for a healthy body to function properly from digestion, breathing, moving your body, regulating blood-pressure, breaking down toxins, protecting the whole body from intruders and cleaning the whole system that is attacked from outside in many different ways. We need essential nutrients from food, these are called essential for a reason, we need them and without them, you get into trouble. It’s like going outside when it’s pitch black during the night, and you are trying to go somewhere without a flashlight. You just can’t see a thing. You can still move, you can get somewhere, you can even move intuitively to the right direction, but if the surrounding has changed from the last time you where outside, you cannot really know what you are stepping into, a rock, a hole or even a peel of banana. We know what happens when you are not prepared for what’s ahead of you. You get in trouble and we tend to try our luck and think “oh well, I’ll just worry about it if something happens”. Usually it’s more expensive to treat your illness or accident after it has happened rather than prepared for it and protect yourself from it in the first place. This is common sense, but we don’t see it like that, until it happens. I know, I had the mentality, before I found myself from that spot. Ankle in the hole and broke it because I didn’t watch where I was stepping into.

There is a wonderful chemical produced in the human gut, oh what? Yes, it’s produced mainly in the gut and it’s called serotonin. It’s actually a brain neurotransmitter that is vital for brain and heart health. Altered levels of this peripheral serotonin have been linked to diseases such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), cardiovascular disease and even osteoporosis. This is sort of an amazing finding. Did you know that serotonin binds to specific receptors within the GI tract to produce a diversity of responses? Yes! It’s that important, not only for the mood and happiness, but it’s at the core of very important responses that begin in your gut. New studies show that most of it is produced by these little and strong guys in the gut. They also produce vitamin called B12 that is crucial for the heart, brain, cellular and dna health. We need these two and the little and strong guys are making them for us. This is probably the most important finding that I’ve found because it revolutionized the whole well-being. The little ones also help to break down nutrients thus aiding in nutrient absorption. This is what I call bio-optimized and functional nutrition. No other food does it better than real Kefir and this is my life’s mission to introduce the Kefir and it’s variants to the world.

The Kefir Guy products are filled with:

  • Fresh and living probiotics as well as prebiotics.
  • Functional enzymes that aid in digestion, nutrient absorption and many other functions in the body.
  • Key vitamins and minerals for energy, regulation, muscle and nerve recovery and balance.
  • Digestive acids to aid in various digestive processes.
  • Other metabolites for optimal bio-optimized health.

for the whole body to thrive and have energy and gain longevity. The strains that are naturally in these products are so strong that they kill bacteria and viruses, they also help to clean the body from heavy metals and toxins. This is not your average yogurt which has about 1 to 5 strains of bacteria. Real kefir contains anywhere from 30 to 60 and even up to 100 strains of beneficial bacteria strains and this is why it’s The King of Probiotics with no other product that can compete on it’s side. This is truly the gift from heaven.

When you try The Kefir Guy products, you’ll discovery health benefits to your unique situation. Many people describe their “body-load” is lowered as their body becomes lighter and they feel much more energy almost instantly and this is why they call and want more every single week.

Many people who go through difficult situations in life also report remission from gut-issues and no wonder since I completely healed my own gut and brain from my past condition that involved brain fog, joint pains, aches, soreness and stiffness, blurred vision, depression symptoms, bloating, gas, lack of energy, cognition decline etc. It’s even proven to help if you need, for any reason, to use strong pain medications for a period of time, to help with constipation and pain in the gut region. Opioids are some of the worst pharma-medicine that make the gut twist, turn and stop working when used after a surgery or when waiting for one while having excruciating pain and this is probably why you would need to use these type of medication. Kefir is so powerful that it helps the gut to balance and push out the synthetic toxins of these pharma-medicine that I recommend it to everyone who needs to go through that kind of period in their life. Kefir helps also with many other medication which makes the stomach cramp and stop working.

The quality of the probiotics is so strong that these strong fighters for your gut will go through your whole digestive system all the way to the promised land which is the large intestine. There they will start their last mission which includes clean and sweep tactics like the best swat team on any given day to wipe off terrorists that have infiltrated the wrong city with the wrong people in it.

I believe when taking various strains of all-natural probiotics you actually give your body what it needs to work in synergy together with the nature to aid the whole body to work better, improve different processes and responses in the body by giving the right kind of signals and detoxing the whole system.

Let’s touch the subject of large intestine more. The way for the probiotics which eventually and trustfully get to the promised land, is not over for their job. They literally help the body to draw nutrients from the foods we eat and even help to package the waste material for a better exporting from the system. Some may go even as far as saying, “if you need toilet paper, it’s not all going well in the gut and the balance is off at least a bit”.

I must say that I’m not ashamed of talking about this topic since it’s one of the most important topics of ones life when the processes doesn’t work as they are supposed to work. We tend to neglect things before we get problems and then we tend to hide them rather than studying and getting to know the real truth behind it all and we all know what truth does to a humble person, the truth shall set you free. There’s only one way and it’s towards the light!

So to conclude this matter, I’ve had days when this has literally been the case and it has definitely set the tone on how well the temple is operating. When you got a face like the sun after 10 sec. toilet visit and the guy next door in the restaurant is still there when you have paid your bill, you know things are in check in the right places. After all, we are living in this temple our whole life and that’s why it should be more than important to realize that it also affects our way of digesting everything else in our life let’s say also psychological things which end up being very material especially when it comes to understanding the mechanics of thoughts, thought life and actions we take in the mind.

My approach has always been and always will be the case of helping the body to work as it was designed to work. Let’s not glorify the creation (probiotics or fermented foods) as they would be the medicine or something to be adored over The Creator. But, they are more like very powerful tools to help the body, and in most cases, the sick or toxic body, to recover back to the environment in which the body can utilize it’s own systems for detoxification, re-establishing new pathways and giving more energy from trying to fight off toxic outside environment to processes that are important for the body to thrive and rejuvenate itself in the beauty of how it was meant in the first place.

There is some serious questions left to answer after all. How do we survive in a toxic world where the attack to the mind and the body is constant from outside environments? How do we help the mind and body to cope with the material and immaterial stress? It all has to do with the simplest answers, or that’s at least what I think. We need to strengthen the body to be able to fight, guard and protect itself by integrating the most efficient ways possible by recognizing there are certain avenues by which the threats are trying to come in. This is where The Kefir Guy products step in the picture.

I have thought of it all, and will still continue to improve all of the products to have their optimal performance and to deliver the power they have to improve human performance and health in all aspects of life.

After all, it’s not anymore the case of “we are what we eat” but rather “we are what we digest”, so you are as strong as your weakest link and if that link that is weak is inside your gut, how in the earth can you expect to have change from outside and probably through your own actions, if you first don’t bring the inside back to a healthy environment? That’s a serious question to everyone out there who wanna up their game and experience in this life.

On the way, what we eat has a very important role, but it’s just half of the coin and as we know, there’s always two sides to the coin. The digestion part has even more important role since it dictates pretty much the outcome and can work on our behalf even if the nutrition part isn’t always right on point and in it’s optimal level.

Until then.. happy digesting and remember one thing. The body is intelligent enough to give the information needed to understand what’s inside of it and how well it’s operating. The same goes with the life and it’s essence. As always:

Power Up Your Gut!
Power Up Your Brain!

Always learning and growing from within to sharpen the truth in which we are all called into.

“Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23