Turmeric 3D

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Kolmois-fermentoitu kurkuma + 5,000 iu d3 vitamiini
  • Täydellinen tuki terveellisten tulehdustasojen ylläpitoon.
  • Puhdas, tehokas ja luonnollinen fermentoitu kurkuma.
  • Fermentointi maksimoi ravinteiden optimaalisen hyödyntämisen.
  • Tarjoaa myös hyvin aktiivisen fermentoidun D3-vitamiinin!
  • Mukana fermentoitu inkivääri!
  • Mukana maailman tutkituin Ashwagandha (KSM-66) juuriuute!
  • Tukee elinvoimaisia ja terveellisiä tulehdustasoja.

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Turmeric 3D Healthy Inflammation Support

Triple fermented turmeric 5,000 + iu vitamin D3
Supports Your Body’s Healthy Inflammation Response

One of the Only “Triple Fermented” Turmeric Supplements on the Planet

Discover the combined power of turmeric – and its core ingredient curcumin – with not only vitamin D3, but also a powerful herb called ashwagandha to make the perfect blend of ingredients for powerful immune support.

  • Immune Support – Curcumin, the primary compound in turmeric, is a powerful agent for your immune support.
  • Mood – Compounds in turmeric may help maintain a healthy mood.
  • Maintain Healthy Joints – Curcumin may help maintain healthy joints.
  • Heart Health – Curcumin may aid in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

You’ve likely heard all the positive buzz about turmeric… it’s one of nature’s true superstars when it comes to supporting your immune system and overall health!

But turmeric is even more powerful when combined with other herbs that enhance its bioavailability even more.

We’ve taken all the incredible health benefits of turmeric and using our special fermentation process … turned it into a super supplement.

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“If You’re Over 35, This Is the Best Supplement You Can Take for Your Body, Heart, and Immune System”

Fermented Organic Turmeric… Fermented Vitamin D3… Fermented Organic Ginger… Ashwagandha Extract… Organic Andrographis Leaf…

What this synergistic mix of powerful ingredients that are fermented using multiple unique processes means is the most advanced, most bioavailable, and by far most beneficial turmeric supplement for your body available anywhere… Turmeric 3D!

Contains the compound curcumin, which accounts for turmeric’s powerful healthy inflammation support.

Contains vitamin D3, which has been shown to help maintain a healthy mood and promote bone health.

Includes the powerful adaptogen, ashwagandha, to help reduce stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels.

Combines organic turkey tail mushroom extract with turmeric to boost immune support.

Studies show turmeric and curcumin help maintain healthy heart and lung function.

Every ingredient is triple fermented for increased bioavailability and greater potency.

Just two capsules a day give you the proper daily dosage of turmeric without guesswork or measuring.

Contains no yeast, no soy protein, no sodium, no artificial coloring, preservatives, or flavoring. No artificial ingredients whatsoever – and GMO-free.

Triple Fermented for Potent Inflammation Support

Many in the modern world live a constant on-the-go, stressful lifestyle. This constant stress can damage your body and lead to chronic inflammation.

Now when your body is injured, it’s natural for the affected area to become inflamed. This is the body’s first line of defense to begin the healing response. That’s normal.

But what’s not normal is when inflammation is triggered by something other than injury, germs, or other pathogens. This includes stress, medications, or processed foods… to name a few.

Since these common triggers happen daily, our inflammatory response stays on high alert.

When your inflammation “switch” is on almost all of the time, it can take a real toll on your health, from your brain to your heart to your joints… even unwanted weight gain.

One of today’s superstars to help maintain a healthy inflammatory response throughout your body is the bright yellow spice used in Indian and Asian cooking known as: turmeric.

Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin, and it’s this substance that accounts for turmeric’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Supplementing with turmeric can be a valuable addition to your healthy lifestyle.

In addition to promoting healthy inflammation, turmeric also:

> Helps enhance mood
> Supports the immune system
> Promotes healthy joints
> Supports healthy heart and lung function
> Promotes healthy digestion & weight management

Turmeric 3D from Organixx not only contains the highest-quality organic turmeric to fight inflammation, but it also contains vitamin D3, another potent anti-inflammatory, along with a potent ashwagandha root extract known as KSM-66, to help your body adapt to stress and boost immunity.

For head-to-toe anti-inflammatory help, place your order for Turmeric 3D today.

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