Nutrition Specialization (90min session)

120,00  inc. Vat

This service includes:

  • Home consultation / 90min session.
  • A comprehensive approach to your personal challenges as well as all the information, wisdom, understanding and knowledge that is available at the moment through The Kefir Guy’s own experience and knowledge database of life.
  • Nutrition Science: Micro-organisms.
  • Nutrition Science: Enzymes & Probiotics.
  • Nutrition Science: Micro-nutrients.
  • Nutrition Science: Macro-nutrients.
  • Nutrition Science: Nutrients that have adaptogen properties.
  • Nutrition Science: Nutrients that have medicinal properties.
  • Nutrition Science: The best ways to infuse your body with living fuel, living nutrients and living foods.
  • Real-time contacting through proper communication channels like whatsapp, e-mail, phone (Finland: free of charge).
  • You may also use Facebook, Google, Instagram or other social media platform for communication.
  • Documentation for the sessions you have purchased.


This service is a comprehensive approach to your own personal situation. It will rely on 30 years of experience that has turned into a well-rounded and documented expert information, wisdom, understanding and knowledge on how to tackle everyday challenges and turn them into your strengths.

You will learn how to cope with the biggest obstacles in Your life and learn to manage that stress and turn it into a reusable fuel for your benefit. You will acquire new visions and intelligence about your situation and see how to transform your health and life into a living testimony to others. You will learn what your nutrition challenges really mean to you and you’ll learn new ways to handle the stress related issues regarding your weak-points of your short-comings.

After all, we all have some issues to deal with. The one who has the courage to face the facts and see the world and the creation behind it is the one who finds the way to prosper even though there’s a massive attack against one’s core values, the psyche, health, well-being and the person living inside that vessel called human body. Now it’s time to fight back and take over your health with the right authority and life-style change towards a prosperous soul.

“A healthy soul translates to healthy body, and that translates to healthy mind, by the mercy and grace of God Almighty.”

Be your own health care professional and trust the Creator with all your heart, mind, body and soul. Be brave, be strong and let’s get it done – together!


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