Milk Kefir S.C.O.B.Y.

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Aito, elävä ja aktiivinen maitokefiiri-sieni (S.C.O.B.Y.).

10g tuoretta ja elävää maitokefiiri S.C.O.B.Y. eli kasvustoa.

S.C.O.B.Y. tarkoittaa vapaasti suomennettuna: symbioottinen hyödyllisten bakteerien ja hiivojen yhdistelmä/viljelmä ja se tarkoittaa, että se on elävä ja aktiivinen organismi valmis toimintaan.

Käyttötarkoitus: Nyt voit valmistaa erittäin terveellistä probioottista (maitohappobakteeripitoista) hyvinvointijuomaa, joka sisältää myös huomattavan määrän mineraaleja, vitamiineja ja ruoansulatukselle hyödyllisiä happoja. Voit käyttää valmistukseen kaupan luomumaitoa tai tilamaitoa.

Maidon proteiinit ovat valmiiksi pilkotussa muodossa (aminohappoina), jolloin ne auttavat kehoasi palautumaan ja rakentumaan vahvemmaksi. Täydellinen iltapala, treenin palautumisjuoma ja kehon puhdistus (detox) juoma.

Kun tilaat, voit heti tilauksen saavuttua alkaa valmistamaan jo saman päivän aikana n. 3 dl erittäin tehokasta antioksidanttista ja puhdistavaa alkuperäistä maitokefiiriä. Selkeät valmistusohjeet tulevat paketin mukana (sähköpostitse tai postitse). Myös, kun tilaat tämän tuotteen, et tarvitse uutta tilausta “koskaan”, sillä tätä tuotetta on pidetty silmällä vuoden jokainen päivä ja kasvatettu rakkaudella ja huolenpidolla niin, että voimme taata sen toimivuuden, kun ravitset sitä ohjeiden mukaisesti.

Tämä tuote ei ole Starter-paketti vaan aito lisääntyvä maitokefiiri-sieni!

Huom! Kaupan kefiiri ei ole millään tavalla verrattavissa aitoon ja alkuperäiseen maitokefiiriin. Alkuperäinen aidolla maitokefiiri SCOBY:llä valmistettu hyvinvointijuoma on aivan omaa laatuaan ja sisältää 30+ maitohappobakteerikantaa sekä muita erittäin terveellisiä ominaisuuksia.

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10g (0.35 oz) of original live milk kefir S.C.O.B.Y.

S.C.O.B.Y. stands for symbiotic culture of beneficial bacteria and yeasts and it means it’s alive and active organism ready for action.

Usage: Now you can make a very healthy probiotic (lactobacillus containing) health super-drink which also contains significant amount of minerals, vitamins and beneficial digestive acids. You can use organic store milk or farm milk.

The milk proteins are broken down into amino-acids and this helps your body to absorb them much better and quicker for your body to recovery and build stronger. A perfect evening meal, recovery drink and body’s detox drink.

When you order this product, you may start making your first batch of 3 dl (10.15 oz) of fermented antioxidant and detoxifying super-drink right after receiving the S.C.O.B.Y. by mail.

Clear How-to guide is sent with the package either by e-mail or mail. Also, when you order this product, it’s good for lifetime because we take our fermentation seriously and take a very good care of our milk kefir s.c.o.b.y. every single day by nurturing it with the love and intensive care for it’s optimal level of potency.

When you follow our instructions, you will enjoy this nature’s powerhouse for life with just one order!

You only need one batch of this powerful S.C.O.B.Y. and it will multiply basically forever, if you follow our instructions in the How-to guide.

The S.C.O.B.Y. we sell has never been stored in freezer!

This is not a starter-pack but a real deal for lifetime!

Note: store-bought kefir is by no means comparable to the real and original milk kefir. When the product is fermented with real and original milk kefir S.C.O.B.Y., the product will turn into a very strong and powerful antioxidant and detoxifying super-drink which contains 30+ different lactobacillus strain as well as many other beneficial health properties to support your health and longevity.

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Live organic milk kefir S.C.O.B.Y + how to manual (EN/FI language)

Have you ever wondered what kefir S.C.O.B.Y or grains are?
Here we dive deep into the world of probiotics and more closely
the original milk kefir grains. The milk kefir grains are actually
mushrooms (not grains) that contain proteins, lipids (good fats,
especially important CLA), beneficial bacteria (ranging from 35 to
60 different strains) and also beneficial yeasts to the human body.

They possess strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
and anti-tumor properties. These powerful properties are transmitted
into the actual drink that we call Kefir.

Some research has shown that if kefir is made and consumed regularly,
it may help in many different ways to improve digestive system.
One of them would be direct pathogen inhibition. There is also a
significant increase in production of healthy gut-bacteria
(probiotics). Some suggest that even one or two consumption
instances may help to alleviate such conditions as digestive
problems and recovery from stress in human body.

The healthy gut-bacteria found in kefir fight against other bacteria
and even some viruses thus giving our body more boost to fight
against pathogens and viruses. It all starts from the gut and the
research is showing us more and more this every year how important
it is to take care of our gut biome.

Kefir is also very nutrient-dense whole food since it has all the
necessary (essential) amino-acids our body needs to have from our
diet. There's plenty of protein, B2, B9, B12, D, K, potassium,
phosphorus, magnesium and calcium to support anyone in everyday life
and it can be used as a sports supplement replacing processed protein
powders, especially whey or casein. Kefir actually contains both of
them in a highly absorbing form for the human body, as they are
already broken down into smaller pieces (amino-acids) during the
natural fermentation process. This adds a very big value to the
product itself, because human body is created to understand natural
sources for it's building blocks and kefir is just the right answer
to that.

One must understand that every time fermented foods are consumed,
there are even greater amount of vitamins and/or minerals in the
actual product after fermentation process. This happens naturally
during the fermentation process. This is by far more advanced
technology we have ever seen and no wonder, there's an amazing
designer behind all of this. The nature was created to be used as
it is and it offers many health benefits which we can harness into
our use for our optimal health and wellness.

We encourage you to try them and see it for yourself.

Original milk kefir is suitable for many lactose-intolerants.


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