My fermentation knowledge is brick solid

real kefir is truly the King of Probiotics and has many beneficial properties for the human body with essential and full spectrum micro- and macronutrients

  • Energy & Strength
  • Recovery & sleep rhythm
  • Stress management & weight control
  • Digestion support for muscle building
  • Optimized Nutrient Absorption for overall health
  • Support for healthy inflammation response (HIR)
  • Immune support through Gut Immune Cells
  • Body cells DNA damage protection with antimutagenic components
  • Support for neuro-protective elements with the support of neurotransmitters production in the gut-brain axis (i.e. tryptophan and serotonin production)

and more..

Read the scientific literature for more information and real scientific findings on the science page.

Milk Kefir S.C.O.B.Y. (Traditional Middle-Eastern living organism) is for those who enjoy natural flavours of dairy fermentations and various lactobacillus strains that make the products taste like they are filled with energy, life, power with sensations of rejuvenation, regeneration, protection and strength.

Receive your own milk kefir scoby and start making your own fermented super drinks, protein curds and even probiotic rich cheese, creams and ice-creams. This is the traditional way of fermenting milk that has given many indigenous people around the world their strength, health and longevity throughout the ages. Suitable for all ages and perfect for infants weight gain and support for health!

Water Kefir S.C.O.B.Y. (aka Tibicos / Water Crystals) for those who are vegans. You can now substitute your favourite sugary drinks with a very delicious and nutritious fermented sodas, shots, jams or chutneys.

Receive your own water kefir scoby and start making your own fermented super drinks that help your body to recovery, rejuvenate, restore and maintain optimal health for the rest of your life. This option is for those who want to upgrade from traditional dairy kefir making into the water kefir side. Suitable for all ages!

My expertise is for You! I will teach you what I learned in my healing journey from dead zero to a graceful, spirit-filled science-nerd who is now strong and determined calisthenics athlete & personal trainer, nutrition bio-optimizer and a ‘holystic’ life coach.

Interested in consultation on how to make real and very potent probiotic, vitamin & mineral rich antioxidant power drinks and other products straight from your own home kitchen? I’ll show you how to take control of your health using traditional food methods that our ancestors used for thousands of years. Reserve your spot now and gain ancient knowledge and wisdom for traditional and natural food preparation and more to fully optimize your nutrition, body and mind for your health.

  • Truthful and science-based research to investigate the root cause that impact our health in all three (3) layers of human experience.
    • Investigate for truthful information.
    • Study for sound understanding.
    • Be bold and act according to the truth in light that shall set you free.


Find what has been lost and gain the insight of the real truth about your mind, body, soul and spirit and their interconnectivity through learning who you are and how you were made and for what purpose with the spiritual understanding as a child of a loving Father.

Power Up Your Brain & Gut!


Thrive from within by learning how your body was designed to work and be a good steward taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit bringing glory to God in all fields in your life. You start to conquer physical, emotional and spiritual avenues and walk in righteousness. That is God’s invitation and request for your personal growth and purpose in your life. Become what you were meant to be by the power and grace of God Almighty!

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I am dedicated to serve clients and customers with love and passion just like my commitment towards every single drop of my products straight from the nature.

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