Milk Power Kefir

What is Milk Power Kefir?

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Let’s dive deep into fermented milk.

Milk kefir mushroom contains proteins, lipids (good fats, especially important CLA), beneficial bacteria (ranging from 35 to 60 different strains) and also beneficial yeasts to the human body. These organic compounds possess strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tumor properties.

After fermentation of milk, the powerful probiotic and other very healthy properties are transmitted into the finished product that we call milk kefir. This is how our Milk Power Kefir is produced. Some research has shown that if milk kefir is consumed daily, it may help in many different ways to improve digestive system. Some of them would be direct pathogen inhibition and digestive tract detoxification. There is also a significant increase in production of healthy gut-bacteria (probiotics).

Health originates from within the gut

The research is showing us more and more every year how important it is to take care of our gut-biome. It’s literally an information highway to the brain and to the heart with a wide range of different systems working directly and indirectly to balance various body systems.

Milk Power Kefir

Milk Power Kefir is naturally fermented using our special recipe found through through 6 years of intense fermenting. After all these years we have put it to the ultimate test and took it to a respected accredited laboratory for final results.

Our milk kefir is very nutrient-dense whole food since it has all the essential amino-acids the body needs from food sources. These amino-acids are available in their direct form for the body because of the fermentation process. The milk proteins are broken down in a natural way and this is why we can proudly say that when people claim milk having inflammation causing ingredients, we have the solution for this since the finished product will turn into a powerful super-drink that will deliver powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties when used. This product is pretty much 100% bio-available for the human body and it also aids in digestion. You can literally feel it working in your body.

There’s plenty of protein, B2, B9, B12, D, K, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium to support anyone in everyday life and it can be used as a sports recovery food/drink replacing processed protein powders, especially whey or casein. Milk Power Kefir actually contains both of them in a highly absorbing form for the human body, as they are already broken down into smaller pieces (amino-acids) during the natural fermentation process.

This adds a very big value to the product itself, because human body is created to understand natural sources for it’s building blocks and Milk Power Kefir is just the right answer to that. The science tells us that every time you intake some sort of protein you lose some of the protein in the middle of the absorption. When we talk about direct bio-availability of all the amino-acids with all the key nutrients with them, it’s amazing how well this product actually delivers all the nutrients that the milk has to offer.

Milk Power Kefir in action

What I have found through experience with myself and many of my clients (in the Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialization field) is that even one or two consumption instances would help to alleviate such conditions as digestive problems and recovery from stress in various body systems. The healthy gut-bacteria found in milk kefir gives the body more boost to fights against pathogens and viruses. It all starts from the gut and the research is showing us more and more every year, how important it is to take care of the gut-biome. It’s truly the core issue when talking about inflammation, detoxification, recovery and immune system health.

Did you know that probiotics actually help to pack the fecal matter into easier exit? This happens by breaking down nutrients in the gut for the body so they are much better absorbed by the body thus giving the body more energy and vitality from the foods that you eat.

Try drinking 500ml or even 1 liter of milk at one instance. Well, please don’t, but you get the point here. That’s what I did when I used to consume large amounts of protein powders and milk to recover from 2 to 3 hours of strength training. I was literally a balloon for 2 to 6 hours or even longer every time I did that. Little did I know, what I was doing to my body. When I found milk kefir mushroom and started making my own milk kefir, I found that I didn’t only start detoxing and healing my body and gut, but also my training went up the roof.

No wonder it’s said that in the Eastern countries the milk kefir has been a key ingredient among weight-lifters for decades, and maybe even centuries, who knows. They must have known these things for sure.

My recovery times started to get better and the soreness in the muscles started to go off much faster. Later I found out that the organic compounds such as bio-available proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beneficial acids and probiotics in milk kefir are so strong that they actually help the body to adapt and recover from physical stress a.k.a exercise fatigue called D.O.M.S. which stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This necessary period, which is very important for muscle recovery, started to come earlier and it wasn’t nearly as strong as it was before using my own milk kefir after training and for recovery each and every day.

When you try our Milk Power Kefir, you will know that this natural process is amazing and what it does to the milk and it’s compounds. It literally becomes active and easily digestible. It brings life back to the pasteurized milk. Even lactose-sensitive people like myself, can enjoy the rich flavor of the so called “champagne of milk” everyday with it’s healing properties after training session or just before and/or after a meal for the optimal digestion of the whole meal that has been enjoyed. Yes, it also helps to digest everything else you eat when consumed regularly.

One must understand that every time fermented foods are consumed, there are even greater amount of vitamins and/or minerals in the actual product after fermentation process as well as the compounds in the original raw material are broken down into smaller pieces as described earlier in this section. All this happens naturally during the fermentation process and it is by far more advanced technology we have ever seen and no wonder, there’s an amazing Designer behind all of this. The nature was created to be used as it is and it offers many health benefits which we can harness in our use for our optimal health and wellness when done right.

We encourage you to try it for 1 week

We encourage you to try Milk Power Kefir in the morning, before and/or after a meal and especially after a training session. There’s evidence for the milk kefir to aid in recovery from strength training. Our slogan “we put life back to milk” is not in vain. If organix raw milk is called super-food for recovery just as it is, then the fermented version of milk even pasteurized, is on another level after proper fermentation.

Original milk kefir is suitable for many lactose-sensitives, so feel free to try in small amounts to see if your body can handle this magnificent super-drink, even if you had lactose-intolerance. This is my personal experience since my body tolerates simply no processed milk but can handle very well Milk Power Kefir.

Final words about the product

This is one of the reasons why I started this journey to contribute in bringing the healing to the world through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices. I have lived through a transformational period myself from sick to healed and it’s something to consider when making your choice for the protein product for yourself. For more information about my testimony, you can find in The Story section (updated soon!).

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