Enzymes & Probiotics

Bio-workers of the human body

Just like camponotus japonicus ant feeding on ground, the micro-organisms are the kind of workers that this ant represents. Hard working and effective to do it's job.

The most important micro-nutrients in the human body are enzymes and probiotics. Even more important than any mineral or vitamin to be honest!

The more I dig into this subject of micro-nutrients and their intended job in nature and in human body, I can’t emphasis enough the fact that without an enzymatic action(s) in a cell, in a plant(cell) or between organisms there’s simply no life to begin with. To put it in lay-mans terms, a plant has it’s own encoded system inside of it. It was designed thus created in this particular way and it’s cells replicate themselves by the given information and machinery that’s encoded inside of it. In order for the information that’s inside a seed to work properly (grow, maintain and function properly), all the necessary “micro-instruments”, mechanisms and biological & chemical processes has to work exactly like they were designed.

Just as a designer would design a watch, there’s a purpose for that watch and it works exactly the way it was designed to work. It doesn’t magically change how it works but follows exactly the designer’s passion. It shows time and date and even more these days. Before we can understand this, we must study how the watch was made by understanding how it works. We must study the tiniest particles of the watch and identify the components of what it’s made of. We must connect the facts together, analyze and come to a conclusion that this was designed because there’s an intelligence behind it for it was made for a reason. This doesn’t include chance or luck, but rather acknowledging the design and behind the design also the one who designed it.

The Designer knew exactly what He was doing!

This is why the watch shows time, date and many other things. For the very same reason a plant grows from a seed, needs water and sunlight (a period of darkness). The enzymatic reactions start the energy inside the seed to be released and the information and mechanism that was encoded inside the seed guides that process and we see this every day when look at the trees, grass or even animals and us human beings. This is the micro-miracle of the world designed by our Creator. Isn’t that amazing. It almost looks like it happens by itself but inside there is a symphony of chemical and biological reactions that has to follow each other systematically in order for everything to work in perfect harmony.

The first reaction that happens in a cell needs the right enzymatic functions in order to burst that life into existence. The information and the mechanism is already inside the seed. The only thing is a catalyst that sparks that life into existence. In other words, the seed has to contain all the right components for the life to spark, to be sustained and to “be alive”. This is where the enzymes come to play. Enzymes are far more complex than just what you’ve heard in the class room. Yes, you need them for food digestion but that’s a tiny window that we are looking through when talking about enzymes and their functions in nature and inside human body.

Enzymes are part of the very core of human body!

Other than breaking down nutrients into smaller components, such as carbohydrates or proteins, enzymes also switch on your innate immunity.

What? Are you serious? Now everyone wants to know more. 🙂

Enzymes are not just some lame particles that are part of something called digestion, which doesn’t sound really fascinating at all. Btw, did you know this about enzymes? Don’t worry, almost no one knows these things before they realize how important micronutrients are for the holistic health of one’s life. Enzymes play an important role in protecting the body and helping it to recover and maintain optimal health. This is the reason why they are part of the bio-workers category alongside with today’s most famous topic probiotics.

Now that out of 10 people almost half of them has or has had some sort of gastrointestinal related problems, issues or even illness, everyone wants to buy probiotic products whether they are pills, capsules, powders or cultured food products. If you ask me, I would go with the last option since it’s actually the fresh and living version of those probiotics and hopefully 100% natural and naturally made.

These naturally fermented (cultured) foods contain far stronger microorganisms!

I don’t care what “studies” say about pills and capsules. I go with my understanding of real science and common sense. Imagine yourself sitting down for 2 weeks. You eat no food and you drink just water since we human beings need water to survive. Take a guess how long would you last just sitting and drinking that water for 2 weeks. I’ve done fasting myself anywhere from intermittent fasting of 16-24h to 3 days water fast. I’ve also fasted for 7 days with only water and minerals. I’ve also lived with a very low nutrition for 20 days in a row meaning 1 meal a day approx. 1000 calories. I can tell you that if you don’t eat enough or at all, your body will find food somewhere. If it’s not going in through your mouth, it’s taken from your body’s own tissue and your body is very good at doing that. So when we talk about laboratory made pills and capsules that are dehydrated, closed inside a capsule or pressed into a pill with chemicals that bind everything together, you can be sure that there’s little to no life left in that pill or capsule after a period of time. These microorganisms are what I just said, living microscopic organisms that need food to survive. They can go into a state of hibernation and you can wake them up if you follow the right procedure yet still they need food when you wake them up from the slumber. If you choose the all natural and organic version of probiotics, I can assure you that these little warriors are the real deal and they consist of all the necessary components for life to exist in your body. Not just a one part but all of them which include enzymes, probiotics, minerals and vitamins as well as essential amino-acids and essential fatty acids.

Fun nutrition fact: Btw, I have never heard of essential carbohydrate and I know why. Our body can manufacture the necessary sugars it needs to operate if it needs to. That’s what happens when you fast and shift into a state of ketosis.

I’ve done multiple studies on fresh kefir grains which is actually the most versatile bacterial and yeasts colony there is and I’ve done multiple studies with also fresh products that were made with this nature’s most powerful probiotic and antioxidant raw material. My conclusion is that bacteria is living and needs food to thrive. Their number increase very much after the production date for the next 3 weeks and then start to diminish significantly over the next 5 weeks. This happens with all the fresh probiotic products and that’s why they should be consumed within the next month after making the batch.

We are talking about your microbiome!

Did you know that your cells are very intelligent and that they can actually protect themselves from outside threats much better than what the mainstream has you to believe in. I’m not going into politics in this section because I’m after the truth with a solution. Here we go!

Your cells are designed to protect themselves and also they know exactly how to cleanse themselves. Talking about how amazing the design is, but don’t forget the Designer who made it all possible for us to find it with the right wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Now that’s something to be thankful every single day. Now we have the knowledge and understanding (more and more) how the body and mind work separately and together.

The second part of these bio-workers are non other than today’s hottest topic, good bacteria. That’s good enough but we must open the whole case and study what that actually means. Probiotics is a word that people many times confuse with just good bacteria when in fact probiotics consists of all the live bacteria as well as beneficial yeasts that reside either outside or inside human body.

Your body is filled with bacteria both outside and inside. In fact, this might shock many of you but, the body harbor anywhere from 100 to 600 trillion bacteria compared to human cell count that is a humble 37.2 trillion cells. You can do the math here without any advanced math skills and connect the dots or more precisely the bacteria to the cells. The difficult task is to know exactly this ratio and this has been under heavy debate for decades. Many have heard that bacteria ratio to human cells would be 10:1, but recent studies have shown clearly that this isn’t really the case since this claim was made studying only the area of the colon. This happens to be the most populated area in the human body for beneficial bacteria.

New studies suggest that this ratio is actually more like 1.3 to 1.0 still bacteria being in dominant role between the cells and bacteria. No matter what the actual and real number is, it can change from person to person and many times A lot!, we must understand that bacteria is all around us and we need them as much as we need our cells to perform and work properly. The point I’m making here is that we can literally turn trillions of bacteria that live inside us to our benefit.

My slogan has been to my customers, take care of your bacteria and you take care of your cells, never forgetting to have balanced nutrition in your everyday life as well. We do need our minerals and vitamins of course, but I’ve come to realize that the more I take care of my bacteria/cells, the better absorption I will have from the actual food I’m giving to my body as well as better digestion, recovery, stress management, sleep and protection against pathogens and viruses.

The most important place for the beneficial microorganisms is the gut and this colony of the bio-workers is called gut microbiome. This place is home to trillions of beneficial organisms that support pretty much the whole body from within. It’s the essential part of our biology simply because it support the human body’s physiological functions, helps to maintain the integrity of the gut lining, helps to break down food material into smaller components, protects us from disease and illness as well as helps in recovery from stress, physical exercise by adapting the body’s digestion and nutrients absorption.

After all, we are not truly what we eat but more like what we digest and absorb. My free and very powerful message to everyone without knowledge is to take care of your body with natural and living nutrients or nutrients that bring life to your body’s ability to regain strength and life within. Let’s get back to basics and let’s start eat what grows naturally 100%. You will be amazed how your body feels (and your mind since your mind is interlinked together with the body) after taking this seriously and having fun at the same time.

Study, learn and experience how it’s all made for a purpose. Your body can thrive in this toxic and wasting world with true wisdom and knowledge until it’s time to shift into another level. That part is for the spiritually hungry and you can read about it in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible.

Until then, let’s take care of this temple that we call body and honor it’s Creator to the fullest with all our mind, body, soul and spirit in all action.

In the meanwhile, wishing you a nurtured journey into the world of micro-organisms and learning about your own body and mind by the grace of Almighty. Remember, you are worth it! 🙂


  • Microbiome includes all the microorganisms (and their genes) living in a specific environment. This refers primarily to the bacteria and secondary to their genes.
  • Microbiota includes all the microorganisms (by type such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and archaea) living in a specific environment. This refers to the taxonomy (name such as the strains of lactobacillus kefiri or beneficial kefir yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae) of microorganisms present.