Besides having a family of five, running a pretty wide-ranged business idea consisting of food industry, we also work to serve as personal health and wellness trainers and coaches for all three pillars of strength. These pillars of strength are the physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. I have dedicated my life to serve others and to bring forth the knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired in my life and to share it to any person who wants to learn and study the way of the Master. I’m on that road myself and I’m honoured to bring the knowledge of God to those who need it the most – believe me, I was once one of those walking in total darkness before I had the privilege to encounter The Living God through his merciful and graceful reach towards my lost soul. I’m now found and it’s worth praising all the days of my life.

My family believes all health starts from the deepest parts who we are and this is the reason why our approach starts from the core and roots. This includes physical with movement, relaxation, mobilization, strength and endurance training, nutrition and methods of detoxification. Emotional with reflecting, detoxing, studying, learning and also relaxing. Spiritual with studying, learning, comprehending and growing to see the purpose for ourselves and the world around us.

My thinking in strength training, probiotic research & teaching and life coaching business: You take care of the roots and the tree will be healed and it will bare good fruits afterwards. You learn to strengthen and control the core (of any issue or movement) and you’ll sore higher than ever to learn more of what truly is important in life. This is the process that you must learn to love even though it feels bad at the time of testing and learning. It’s up to your guts if you can handle the truth – but in the end the truth shall set you free!

Henri The Kefir Guy / CEO @ The Kefir Guy Company and Uplifting Training Methods

So, you can understand and see that these pillars actually overlap each other and no wonder when we realize the magnificent plan behind it. We are by no means a mistake or a chance of a million type of thing. There’s a perfect order in all life around us, including us who are created in the image of God himself and are called according to his good will to shine in this world in our own place in righteousness.

I also work as a top-level organic living super-food products importer for Kyäni International and Organixx, which both have an amazing reputation when talking about pure and quality nutrition that is truly on point in today’s world where processing is the mainstream to make money. All the products I sell are personally tested by myself and my family and we stand behind them all 100%, not only because they are well marketed, scientifically well documented but also because they work and we still to this day continue using many of these amazing natural and organic ingredients to battle physical and mental stress, aiding in detoxification, rebuilding and rejuvenating the body & mind and experiencing the human experience into the deepest parts of the creation.

This is where our own living and active fermented products come to the picture. The fermentation is an amazing metaphor for life itself. It represents the beauty of life in it’s all essence. Food that is alive and active heals the body by bringing it back to the environment where the natural processes can start to happen and healing begins. This is also true when talking about emotional and spiritual health and wellness.

We are dedicated to bring back the healing in all aspects of these pillars of strength. I have experienced this life changing transformation myself from a deep blind-living lifestyle of bad lifestyle and nutritional choices. I had to pay a heavy price for it but now I’m working for a higher cause and have a true vision from above and have put all my talents on the table risking everything and anything for the glory of God. I can proudly say with a clean and pure heart that there’s a chance for anyone to rise above their circumstances no matter what they are. I’m a living testimony of that possibility and the glory belongs to the God of the Universe, the Creator of All, The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords simply because Light always overcomes darkness – All day long and even at night! 🙂

Watch and see the magnificent plan unfold in the front of your eyes and follow the true Light into righteousness by glorifying the Creator with the body, mind and spirit. The Kefir Guy Company is a platform to promote this truth of natural healing in all these three pillars of strength in the human experience.

Truly yours for your health and future,

Henri “The Kefir Guy” Hekanaho

CEO & Probiotic Researcher

The Kefir Guy Company Ltd.

What People Say

Huipputuote vatsan hyvinvoinnille. Olen käyttänyt vesikefiirituotteita ja ne ovat olleet toimivia. Siirryin maitokefiiriin, kun jouduin aloittamaan pitkän ja vahvan lääkekuurin. Silti vatsa voi hyvin ja toimii.

M-Leena H.

Erittäin hyvä vatsan hyvinvoinnille. Suosittelen.

Antero H.

This is the best ginger shot on the market. Living probiotics and amazing ginger flavor. Thank you Henri!

Brandon Trujillo

Let’s build something together.