The launch and marketing video in Finnish. Captions coming soon..

Watch and listen as I go through the products in a very short and informative shooting @The Kefir Guy Lab where the ‘miracle’ of fermentation happens in the most traditional way.

Scientific update of the original kefir s.c.o.b.y.

The Kefir Guy grows scobies (the mother culture) for milk kefir which is the traditional Turkish fermented milk kefir and also for water kefir also known as water kefir crystals or tibicos which is the traditional Southern-American vegan based kefir drink also.

Are you interested in making your own homemade probiotic and antioxidant super-charged powerful beverages?

I have all that you need for your start. Go to Shop and select SCOBY’s. Then milk kefir S.C.O.B.Y. or water kefir S.C.O.B.Y. Add your information and we’ll ship it for you (free shipping: Finland) in 1-2 days from your order. You’ll also get complete instructions with your purchase so you don’t need to go blindly to try and err. You’ll get tips, tricks and recipes to make the best out of the world of your selected Kefir and you’ll be on your way to boost your health in the easiest, the most exciting and natural way.

Since many scientific literature proves that original homemade kefir is far superior to any store-bought / commercialized products including pills, capsules etc. it’s very easy to make the decision to get your own SCOBY now and start making your own special batch of fermentation or you may pick your favorite product from the shop or by placing an order via phone or e-mail. We’ve created a very strong and potent probiotic products with the same, traditional methods we teach every one with over 7 years of intense research and testing.

Read more in What is kefir mushroom why it’s superior to any other patented probiotics in the market and feel free to browse through the product categories, shop and products as well as the science, scientific literature and studies we offer on this website to gain a better understanding of true and real science that is up-to-date with the cutting-edge information with bold statements and findings. That’s what the world needs in the modern-day era when there is so much disinformation around us. This is my hope and passion that I can help you to grow in the field of understanding human science in the most simple way possible. Let’s make this journey worth the time and effort while we travel on this earth by supporting and helping each other with an open heart and mind in unity and love for our neighbour.