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Watch and listen as we go through our products in a very short and informative shooting @ The Kefir Guy Lab where the ‘miracle’ of fermentation is done, in the most traditional way, of course.

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We grow SCOBY’s for milk kefir (Traditional Milk Kefir) and water kefir (Water Kefir Crystals a.k.a. Tibicos).

Are you interested in making your own homemade probiotic and antioxidant superdrink? We have all that you need for your start. Go to Shop and select SCOBY’s. Then Milk Kefir S.C.O.B.Y. or Water Kefir S.C.O.B.Y. Add your information and we’ll ship it for you (free shipping: Finland) in 1-2 days from your order. You’ll also get complete instructions with your purchase so you don’t need to go blindly to try and err. You’ll get tips, tricks and recipes to make the best out of the world of your selected Kefir and you’ll be on your way to boost your health in the easiest, the most exciting and natural way.

Since many scientific literature proves that original homemade kefir is far superior to any store-bought / commercialized products including pills, capsules etc. it’s very easy to make the decision to get your own SCOBY now and start making your own special batch of fermentation or you may pick your favorite product from the shop or by placing an order via phone or e-mail. We’ve created a very strong and potent probiotic products with the same, traditional methods we teach every one with over 7 years of intense research and testing.

Read more in What is kefir mushroom why it’s superior to any other patented probiotics in the market.

Our Partners

  • You can find our products in Jyväskylä grocery stores in the following locations: K-Market Äijälä and S-Market Savela.
  • Also, check out ever evolving The Kefir Guy Bar @Mukti Coffee Shop. Mukti sells The Kefir Guy products and I’ll be there serving you personally whenever I’m at the location in Kauppakeskus Seppä.
  • Mukti Coffee Shop @Kauppakeskus Seppä: You can find our products in this magnificent coffee shop. We highly recommend going in and ordering your best coffee yet. They are powered with special coffee beans from the Papu Roastery which is located very near the coffee shop. Always quality beans and always quality brewed coffee at this coffee shop. Try our Water Energy Kefir with their amazing coffee and feel the change. 🙂
  • Organixx, USA: A part of our proud product list which includes fermented and bio-activated whole-food supplements to boost your health and longevity with the best and most potent ingredients around the world manufactured scientifically for your optimal health and performance. Always Organic – You may use Organixx products with The Kefir Guy products to boost their potency.